Snake Move

Image Snake Move

Dad has his own armed mercenary squad in the Sansuo zone (Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia). He specializes in receiving some jobs to protect employers and rescue hostages. One day Dad received a call from an old friend “The rich businessman should be the boss” Dad ’s mercenary squad went to rescue the kidnapped daughter. Dad led the five-member squad and successfully rescued Ying ’s daughter from the drug dealer “Kunpa”. When he took over his daughter with Ying ’s boss, there was a sudden accident. The little wife is the mastermind behind the scenes. The little wife kidnapped Ying Bo and Ying Bo’s daughter, and forced Ying Bo to hide all the property. The father’s “Na Zhan” had the same belief as Miss Ying, and was rescued by one person alone. Boss Ying and Miss Ying, did not expect that behind the smooth rescue was another trap set by the little wife.

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