Schoolmistress 3

여선생 3

Jieun is trying to make sure that he has a strong boyfriend standard. Sang-woo’s son, Sang-woo, is going to be a tutor. When tutoring started, Sang-woo was kicked by her older sister, Hye-ran. I am attracted to Ji-eun who teaches her kindly. One day, Sang-woo witnesses the love affair between his father and Ji-eun, and falls into a sense of loss. On the other hand, the standard is to overhear what Jieun is talking to her friend. Ji-eun realizes that her only purpose of meeting with him is to increase her status. The standard finally informs Ji-eun of the breakup. Jieun arrived for the last class. Because of Sang-woo’s promise, he eventually gives Sang-woo a body.

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