Magic Xin Ran


In a certain dynasty, the prosperity of the world was peaceful, and the food culture was greatly developed. The new emperor ordered the selection of the imperial chef, and killed a dark horse in the selection process, which became the focus of the hundred officials. This handsome young man has a magical kitchen knife that can turn decay into deliciousness. In the palace test, Jiang Yuzhu, as the examiner, finally saw this black horse, which was actually the only daughter in his own family-Xinxin. Jiang Yuchu is sitting on a needle felt, and he usually does not learn and has no fun and fun. Nowadays, women dress up in men’s clothing and enter the palace to select the royal chef. It is a crime to deceive the king! On the surface of his heart, he wanted to learn that Hua Mulan inherited his father’s business, Guangzong Yaozu. In fact, in order to cooperate with the six kings, there are other schemes. The six kings did not agree with the new emperor’s politics, and the palpitations controlled the diet of the new emperor, which was equivalent to controlling the lifeblood of the new emperor. A coup in the dark.

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1h 20m 2020 192 views

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  • Original title: 神刀御厨娘
  • Release date: 16-03-2020
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
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