Mafia: Chapter 1


Aryan is a Narcotics Control Bureau Officer who works alongside his batchmates Sathya and Varun. Aryan’s main aim is to eradicate all drug groups and drug lords after he lost his brother Dileep to drug addiction. He finds out that all drug groups and gangs are under the control of Diwakar Kumaran (aka DK), the main drug lord, who is hidden overseas. He owns a software company and has the side business of drug dealing. After a big cat-and-mouse chase between Aryan and DK, Aryan finally manages to catch DK, who kills himself to prevent going into custody. Before his death, DK tells Aryan that he isn’t the main drug lord. It is, in fact, Aryan’s very own brother, Dileep, aka Dexter, who became good friends with Diwakar and parted ways after they found a truck full of drugs and money. The story then leads on to “MAFIA: Chapter 2”.

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