Fang Shi Yu


The young Fang Shiyu went to Hangzhou City with his father Fang De to buy goods from Guangdong. After arriving in Hangzhou, Fang Shiyu fought with the thunder tiger in the bazaar because he did not succumb to the overlord Thunder Tiger in the city. Fang Shiyu and Qiu Ming, who was rescued by the artist she was rescued, were chased and killed by Mrs. Li Xiaohuan from Lei. Later, through a remote tavern, she wanted to return to Hangzhou to retrieve Qiufu ’s body. Cut off the poison and poisoned the people, Fang Shiyu and Qiu Ming, and the second brother Fang Meiyu who had run away from home to Hangzhou, and the father and daughter of the remote pub Jin’s father and daughter jointly exposed the Leifu conspiracy.

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1h 30m 2020 371 views

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  • Original title: 新方世玉前传侠者无畏
  • Release date: 17-05-2020
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
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